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“You’re Just Seconds Away From
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REALLY Need To Know
Before You - Go VEGETARIAN!!”



From: The Desk of Rebecca Bennett

Dear Friend, 

As a vegan and vegetarian strategist, I get TONS of questions from clients and subscribers about how to go vegetarian, tips on veganism, veggie nutrition, vegan ideas and of course, veg*n recipes.

Here’s some of the questions I usually get. 

   vegan arrow    Rebecca, how do I go vegan or vegetarian easily?

    vegan arrow   Rebecca, what can I do to keep my vegetarian lifestyle in sync and healthy?

    vegan arrow   Rebecca, what aids, ideas or even foods do you recommend?

    vegan arrow   Rebecca, we hardly know what we are doing… please, how do we understand vegetarianism much better? HELP!

    vegan arrow   Rebecca, how do we find 100% vegan foods that'll excite our tastebuds?

Are YOU new to the vegan way of life and you’re worried about how to blossom with such a shift in direction and diet?

Concerned that veganism (or a simple vegetarian diet) is not going to supply your optimum nutritional needs and be fully balanced and beneficial?

Are YOU confused with where and how to start when going vegan or vegetarian?

Concerned that vegetarian living is risky? 

If your thoughts are anything like any of the above then you are missing ONE crucial element that spells the difference between a vegan life that’s confusing and hard to understand and one that is fully VEGGIE-CHARGED – PERIOD!  

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Vegetarian and vegan Living has been around for years now and is one of the greenest, cleanest ways of living for your health, for the environment and for the animals. Isn’t it about time that you educated yourself to some common sense ways of living healthier and cruelty free? 

So is there an easy, yet sure-fire way to start implementing Vegetarian (or Vegan) Living into your world today! And Yes you bet it's hassle free!

The 10 Things You REALLY Need to Know
Before You GO VEGETARIAN Audio-Book!

Ge t Honest, Get Aware and Prepare Yourself For Vegetarianism Today!

'10 Things' is a quick and easy crash course compilation of the easiest way to prepare yourself for vegan (and 100% vegetarian) living. You'll get tips, ideas and techniques that have so far been shared only with a select few close friends, family and subscribers.  

If the Suspense is Killing You… Click Here to Learn these Secret
10 Things You Need to Know Before Going Veg Audio Now.

Here’s a sneak peak at the building blocks of pure vegetarian and vegan living that will be revealed to you in the Top 10 Things Vegetarian MP3 audiobook including such things like... 

   vegan arrow  Discover the What, Why and How of Vegetarian and Vegan Living.

vegan arrow  Why are you thinking vegetarian/vegan (and processes to help you discover these).

vegan arrow   How to make veg living work for you and your loved ones (more easily!)

  vegan arrow   Where to get wonderful tasting veg*n recipes you can cook for you and your family tonight!

vegan arrow   How you are going to succeed with vegetarian living.

vegan arrow  The different vegetarian terms explained simply and easily including what a vegan will or won't eat.

vegan arrow    What you need nutritionally … and a great full colour vegan food pyramid to help guide you  everyday. Where to get your nutrients like protein, iron and calcium from.

vegan arrow  Understanding Why people go vegan or vegetarian.

vegan arrow   We reveal 10 Facts about animal agricultures foot-print on the Earth you may not have previously been aware of. And thus by choosing a more vegetarian based diet you can minimize your own carbon-footprint on the planet.  

vegan arrow  Learn all about dairy-free vegetarian and vegan chocolate, plus what brands are suitable for you or your loved ones to consume when avoiding all animal by-products.

vegan arrow  Discover some of the Super Foods to consider eating within your diet for optimum health. 

vegan arrow Why going vegetarian is one of the most ethical, compassionate choices for your own health, the health of the planet and to help the animals avoid cruelty. 

vegan arrow  Ideas for further vegetarian and vegan guidance to help you succeed the smart way.

vegan arrow   You'll even learn a little about the 'Vegan Police' . 

vegan arrow Plus resources to consider for lifelong vegan awareness and worldwide news and views.

 vegan arrow   And more vegan ideas, tips and techniques to get you started off simply!

Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan yourself, you may know someone who is. If that is the case this guide may help you understand and appreciate them more by de-junking some of the myths out there around veggie living.

Transform your ideas about vegetarianism into EASY, SIMPLE, HASSLE FREE LIVING today!

 Yes Rebecca, I want to discover Your Top
10 Tips Before Going Veg Mp3 Audio!

If this special instantly downloadable audio does not charge up a positive flow of vegetarian awareness and ideas into your life than I honestly don’t know what will! Yes, I’m THAT confident in how this great audio guide book and techniques will transform your ideas about vegetarianism into EASY, SIMPLE, HASSLE FREE LIVING! 

Now you may be thinking that such an audio MP3 book would cost you an arm and a leg.

NOT AT ALL. This is MY special gift to you.


Your Investment To Discover The Top 10 
Things You Need to Know (Audio MP3)

Is Just: 

Copies Available at this Price: 100 

To order "10 Things You Really Need to Know Before
Going Vegetarian Audio-Book", click here...

Yes, it only takes $9.97 to get your veg*n life under way!

I Can’t Wait! Count Me In NOW Rebecca!


And if that’s not enough for you, then here’s something that will truly make this offer an Incredible PROPOSAL you just can’t refuse… 

*FREE Bonus Gift!

A few seconds from now, you will get the 10 Things You REALLY Need to Know Before You GO VEGETARIAN (downloadable audiobook) PLUS a FREE copy of the 'Animals Ingredients Exposed eBook', which is valued at $15.00.

As a vegan or vegetarian, you will have access to this amazing bonus that's a quick and easy reference guide all about Avoiding Animal Ingredients in Your Life, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or not this is a price-less glossary which can help anyone desiring to avoid nasty, unhealthy by-products for health and vitality.
You'll discover:  How to Figure out what ingredients are animal derived or not which means you no longer have to second guess ingredients or where they actually come from. 

And . . . Simple and easy alternatives to animal derived products, through this easy laid out glossary of up to date animal nasties and their alternatives.

Here's how it works: When you order "10 Things You REALLY Need to Know Before You GO VEGETARIAN Mp3 Audiobook" I'll throw in this Animal Ingredients ebook absolutely Free of charge … as my way of saying thank you to you for giving my new "10 Things" audiobook a listen. 

I'm so sure you're going to love my ideas, recipes, book/s, articles and other resources.

So hurry, and give '10 Things You Really Need to Know' Mp3 Audio-Version a try!

Seriously, how can you resist being a successfully smart vegan like this? 




Helping Prepare You For Vegan Living The Easiest Way Possible,


Rebecca Bennett

P.S. HURRY! The ridiculous price is only available for the first 100 people who order. Then the price may go up to the recommended retail price.

P.P.S. Don't forget, this audio-book may well be the 'missing link' that transforms every aspect of your veggie lifestyle today! 




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