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Some Simple and Tasty Ways to Create and Enjoy Vegetarian Recipes


Probably one of the biggest problems that many people have when considering reducing or eliminating meat from their diet is that they're just not sure how to cook vegetarian or vegan dishes in a way that is tasty and pleasing.  If this sounds like you, then we have some simple tips for creating your own vegetarian recipes, or for eliminating meat from your current recipes without missing the flavor.


Adding Bulk


One big part of following or creating vegetarian recipes is that you want to add bulk to the dishes; this is a big part of what's missing when you eliminate meat.  Simply taking the beef or chicken off your dinner plate probably isn't going to leave you with enough food to fill you up if all that's left over is some corn and potatoes.  When considering how you can add bulk to make vegetarian recipes, think of different fruits, vegetables, legumes, and other items that will do this.  For example, portabella mushrooms or green peppers are a good substitute for a meat main dish.  You can also try different soy dishes.


Adding Variety


How many different fruits and vegetables can you name?  What about edible seeds?  How about legumes?  Out of all those that you can list, how many do you eat on a regular basis? 


One of the reasons that many people avoid vegetarian recipes is because they often wind up eating the same items over and over again.  But there are literally hundreds and hundreds of animal-free foods that you can eat, and of course the combination of these is endless.  You might be hesitant about trying out some exotic sounding bok choy or kuka or komatsuna, or adding some lapsi or pigeon plum, but you would probably be surprised at how tasty these items can be.  Adding variety to your diet is part of the success of being able to follow vegetarian recipes and enjoy them for the long term.  Getting to know these new tastes and flavors will help you to get over your taste for meat that much quicker.


Adding Flavor


This is probably the most important part of trying out vegetarian recipes and enjoying them.  Sometimes unfortunately because of over-processing or factors, fruits and vegetables can be a bit tasteless and bland, especially if you're used to eating a lot of meat.  When you follow vegetarian recipes you want to be sure to not skimp on anything that will give it added flavor, and you might even want to consider adding your own unique touches.


For instance, try adding garlic, chilies or cayenne pepper to your favorite vegetarian recipes, in moderation of course.  To sweeten up your favorite dishes, try apples or berries of any variety.


Try Different Cooking Techniques


One of the reasons that many people enjoy meat is because there are many different ways to cook the same thing.  You can boil, fry, rotisserie, grill, roast, and slow cook virtually any cut of meat.  Remember you can do the same when considering vegetarian recipes.  Try cooking some vegetables on the grill or rotisserie, or baking a combination of fruits.


Of course you need to be careful and practical - you can't very well rotisserie fruit, but you can be creative when creating your own vegetarian recipes.  Get creative; this is half the fun.


Sometimes when following vegetarian recipes you do need to follow the instructions to the letter, but just as when you're cooking anything else, you may be able to tweak and adjust things according to your own taste and preferences. 




Article by: Rebecca Bennett




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