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Vegetarian Magazine Starter List



I’m often asked what books to recommend to new or existing vegetarians and vegans who are eager to learn much more about the lifestyle and alternative options.

So I have put together my own personal list of recommendations of Magazines. So to start you off on the right track with heaps of mag ideas here are some of the favorite ones we enjoy to read . . .

** Magazines

  • Vegan Voice (Australia) 
  • VegNews (USA)
  • VeggieHealth (UK)
  • Satya (USA)
  • Its Time To Go Veggie Publication by VIVA! (UK)
  • The Vegan (UK)
  • Viva Life (UK)
  • New Vegetarian and Natural Health (Australia)
  • Informed Voice (Australia)
  • Adbusters (USA)
  • Animal Liberation Newsletters (try your local state)
  • Animals Today (Australia)
  • Choose Cruelty Free Update (Australia)
  • Herbivore Magazine (USA)

There are plenty more mags around the world to choose from, the above list are just some of the ones we love to read ourselves. Of course you may find others and please feel free to drop us a line if you know of any more outstanding publications we can let our visitors know about.

Author: Rebecca Bennett

"Dedicated To Helping YOU Avoid Animal Ingredients"



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