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Vegetarian eBooks, Print Books, Audio
and DVD's to Fast-Track You On Your
Vegetarian or Vegan Food Journey

Here are some very popular vegan and vegetarian ebooks and products from Rebecca's own range (as well as other publishers) that will help you get started and learn many fundamentals about going and staying vegetarian and vegan easily. Vegetarian living has become quite poplular in the past few years with every age bracket. Young and old persons alike have turned to alternative healthier options for food and lifestyle as a more environmentally viable and cruelty-free compassionate choice for themselves, the planet and the animals. Discover all about the benefits of vegan or vegetarian living today for yourself.

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Going Veg Audio MP3

*Brand New* The top ten things audio mp3 audio is a quick and easy crash course compilation of the easiest way to prepare yourself for vegan (and 100% vegetarian) living. In this audiobook (new updated version of our ebook) you'll get tips, ideas and techniques that are worth knowing about to help skyrocket you on your road towards better veggie living.

Transform your ideas about vegetarianism into EASY, SIMPLE, HASSLE FREE LIVING! 

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The Top 10 Things To Know Before Going Vegan 

The top ten things is a quick and easy crash course compilation of the easiest way to prepare yourself for vegan (and 100% vegetarian) living. You'll get tips, ideas and techniques that have so far been shared only with a select few close friends, family and subscribers.

Transform your ideas about veganism into EASY, SIMPLE, HASSLE FREE LIVING! 

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45 Veggie Soup Recipes 

*Brand New* - 45 quick and easy vegetarian soup recipes to help you along your in your vegetarian kitchen.

Start cooking yummy veggie soups today 

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The Wicked Vegetarian Sweets Cookbook

Learn how you can make great tasting vegan sweets and treats whilst avoiding the nasty animal by-products like eggs and dairy.

Whether it’s simple snacks, smoothies, milkshakes, cakes, cookies, truffles, pies, muffins or other desserts you’re looking for, with over 100 pages filled with 100% vegetarian (and vegan) recipes – some of Rebecca’s own personal favourites - will transform your cooking skills, transform the amount of time you spend in your kitchen and ultimately transform your veggie life!

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Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy

Get Practical Tips for Quickly & Easily Switching to a Meat-Free Diet & for Making Healthful Food Choices - at Home, at Restaurants, & Even While You Travel!

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The Raw Foods Diet Health & Nutrition Home Study Course

Improve Your Health And Transform Your Life In Record Time With Raw And Living Foods. This New Course Features Many Digital Books And Audio Interviews With Health Gurus. It Focuses On Vegan And Vegetarian Diets Along With Exercise And Juice Fasting Info. 

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Quick & Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking

Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking is your complete Chinese cookbook guide that shows you how to cook delicious and healthy Chinese vegetarian recipes that can significantly improve your diet and health.

Easy, Healthy, And Delicious Chinese Vegetarian Cookbook Package. Complete Chinese Vegetarian Guide With 400 Pages.

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