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Ethical, natural cosmetics with incredible performance and colour for people who care about their skin and the earth ...

We love Inika Mineral Cosmetics so much we thought we'd introduce you to their 100% certified vegan and cruelty free range ...

*If you wish to purchase any of the below Inika Cosmetics just click on the image for more details or to buy.

vegan-makeup-arrow  The NEW Inika Vegan Starter Kit

Get started with mineral and ethical cosmetics the easy way with the NEW Inika Mineral Starter Kit.

The INIKA Starter Kit contains all the products needed to get you going with mineral makeup including INIKA’s  organic Pure Primer, two Mineral Foundations (a summer and a winter shade), a Mineral Bronzer and INIKA’s sumptuously soft, vegan Kabuki Brush. 

Importantly the INIKA Starter Kit also contains a “How to” DVD, with Inika professional make-up artists giving you application tips and techniques to ensure you get the most out of your Inika products. With the RRP of only $124.95au, the Inika Starter Kit contains more than $220 worth of product.

There are 4 different Starter Kits to choose from. Mineral Foundation colours in each Starter Kit:

Light: Strength & Unity with Sunlight Bronzer

Medium: Nurture & Trust with Sunkissed Bronzer
Dark: Freedom & Inspiration with Sunloving Bronzer
Darkest: Respect & Courage with Sunseeker Bronzer

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now

  Starter Kit  

 vegan-makeup-arrow  Illuminisor Blusher

A lovely, subtle hint of pink sheen to make you look like you are glowing from the inside out.

Inika Powder Blushers are very concentrated, you only need to use a tiny bit to get great colour.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now


vegan-makeup-arrow  Vegan Kabuki Brush

The famous Inika Vegan Kabuki Brush - it is one of a kind - we are so proud of it. The thick and luxurious brush head delivers complete coverage and is soft and silky to the skin. Most people believe that you can only get a brush this soft using animal hair but we've found a way to achieve incredible softness without compromising animals or the environment.

WON! 'Must Have Brush' from the Natural Beauty Awards 2008.

We are very particular about the manufacture of our brushes, the wood is sourced from sustainable forestry and the hair is synthetic which makes our brushes ethical as well as giving incredible quality.

Try this brush - we know you will love it.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now

  Vegan Kabuki Brush  


 vegan-makeup-arrow  Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer

Sunkissed - For fair to medium complexions.

This product was the 'Overall Category Winner' for Best Natural Blush from the Natural Health Beauty Awards in the UK.

Create a warm tanned look without laying in the sun. The fabulous thing about Inika Bronzer is that it will not give you an orange or stripey look you find with some cream tanning products.

 *Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 


 vegan-makeup-arrow  Eternal Marine Eye Shadow

Eternal Marine - One of our top three eyeshadow best sellers in the Inika range. A most incredible bluey green shade you see used on many of our marketing materials.

You can bring out the blue or green depending on how you apply. As straight powder it appears a marine blue, applied over Sky eye-liner you bring out the green. Applied wet you get a gorgeous blue green.

Inika powder Eye-Shadows are incredibly versatile and can be applied in three different ways to create different looks and shades. Inika craft the most vibrant, opulent and sexy colours you’ve ever seen, this is achieved by refracting light through iron oxides. The purity of the Inika pigments gives you amazing stayability and depth of colour.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 

  Eternal Marine   

vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Eye Liner

Black - A jet black liner. This is soft and creamy, no more sore eyes when applying black liner. Creates the perfect smokey eye when applid with Thunder Mineral Eyeshadow.

Inika Mineral Eye Liner Pencils are handcrafted with natural plant products and mineral colour blends. The base of jojoba and natural waxes yields a wonderfully creamy texture that wears all day without smudging. With the creamy texture you have a gentle application, no more pulling on the eyelids to spread the colour.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 



 vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Mascara

Black - A pure black natural mascara.

Won a 'Highly Recommended' Award in Best Natural Mascara from the Natural Health Beauty Awards Magazine in the UK.

An excellent natural mascara with no potentially harmful chemicals. It's not irritating and it doesn't clump! Our mascara is certified vegan and is made without cruelty to animals.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 

  Inika Mascara Black  

 vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Foundations

Inika Mineral Foundations are a concealer, foundation and a powder in one.

You can achieve an absolutely flawless finish without clogging pores or irritating skin. Due to Inika’s dense pigments you can completely hide skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, redness or scarring whilst allowing your skin to breathe!

With Inika Foundations you look fabulous and you don’t even feel like you are wearing make up and you also have the added benefit of in-built natural sun protection.

NURTURE is a medium beige for medium skin types. NURTURE is our most popular shade and suits almost all average white skin types. 

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now



vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Setting Powder

Inika Mineral Setting Powder - The perfect product to keep an oily skin matte. 

Inika Setting Powder is a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of clay.

Apply after foundation for a smooth, matte look which will aid oil absorption and also help to minimise pores.

 *Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 

 Setting Powder 


vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Lip Liner

Bordeaux - A plummy rich bordeaux colour.

Inika Lip Liners have to be tried to be believed. For the first time in the cosmetic world, lip liners that are Completely free of questionable ingredients such as carmine, lakes, dyes, and "hidden" synthetics. These liners are handcrafted individually with cold-pressed plant waxes and oils and our own natural pigment blends. 

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now


vegan-makeup-arrow  Mineral Lipstick 

Cherub - A wonderful Vegan lipstick in soft shades of pink.

A smooth and creamy vegan lipstick formulated with natural vitamin E and jojoba oil. Our lipsticks will keep your lips feeling soft and sensuous all day.

*Click the below image if you wish to find out more or to buy now 



* For the FULL Range of Inika Vegan
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