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Some Tips on How to Follow a Raw Vegan Foods Diet

For those who aren't familiar with it, a raw vegan diet consists of a vegan eating plan, meaning not just avoiding meat and dairy products but any foods made from animal products, and raw foodism, or food that is not heated past 46 degree Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  It can be difficult to follow a raw vegan food diet only if you have not educated yourself ; having some carrots or celery sticks on occasion may be fine, but most can be overwhelmed with the idea of how to eat three times a day, every day, for the rest of their life without meat or dairy or cooking their foods either.  If you're considering this type of eating plan but are a bit overwhelmed with how to go about doing so, we can help.

Why Follow a Raw Vegan Food Diet?

One of the interesting aspects of choosing to follow a raw vegan foods diet is that there are typically many personal reasons that go into this decision.  Rarely does someone make this decision lightly or decide to do so on a whim.  Following this type of eating plan takes determination, commitment, planning, and often the breaking of some very difficult habits.  It might also mean saying goodbye to some favorite dishes that one has enjoyed since childhood.  Eating a raw vegan diet might also mean some strange reactions from friends and family, and some limitations when it comes to socializing.  Think of all the times we spend with friends at restaurants or over meals at home - those may become a bit awkward when there's nothing on the menu that you can eat.

However, those who follow a raw vegan diet usually do so because of some deep seated convictions and beliefs.  Not eating or using animal products is usually done because of the belief that animals have fundamental rights, including the right to not be warehoused in slaughterhouses where they are usually held in torturous conditions before being brutally slaughtered just so that humans can eat.  By not using any animal products either, such as wearing leather or wool, a person is not perpetrating the misuse of animals for these reasons either.  Following a raw vegan foods diet is taking this belief one step further - not only are animals being protected but so is the environment, as the cooking mediums used for foods are simply adding pollutants to the environment. 

How to Live on a Raw Vegan Food Diet

It can be very difficult to follow through on your convictions to live on a raw vegan food diet, not matter how committed you are to these convictions.  However, as with any other changes you want to make for the better, it typically just requires some planning and forethought to be successful.

Thinking that you'll just cut out meat and stop cooking your food is not enough to be successful with a raw vegan foods diet.  It's always a good idea to find directions and recipes for tasty dishes that you can learn to prepare.  Many also find that they can make up their own salad dressings using natural oils, lemons, and some other herbs and spices, and can follow directions for different types of salads as well.  Simply tossing some lettuce in a bowl and pouring vinegar and oil over it may not be very enjoyable.  When following a raw vegan foods diet, you don't need to eat only bland foods.  This is a mistake that many people make.  They often think that if it tastes good, it must be bad for you.  In reality, many who follow even the strictest of raw vegan foods diet find that they can enjoy a wide variety of dishes that are in many cases even tastier than the old meat , diary or simple vegetarian dishes they've given up.

Talk to your friends openly and honestly about the changes you're making with your raw vegan foods diet.  Don't expect them to follow your convictions, and remember that while you want them to respect your choices you need to do the same.  If you follow these tips and remember why you've made this decision in the first place, you're sure to have success.

Article Written by : Rebecca Bennett

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