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How to Make Homemade Natural Vegan Food Colors

As most vegans may be aware, food colorings are not necessarily vegan - in fact in most cases they are not. So it’s a wise vegan who will either source out 100% animal-free versions (from good quality vegan or health stores) or make their own food colorings from natural fruits and vegetables easily at home. And today Jane, the allergy food awareness expert from Hullabaloo Foods in Tasmania, Australia has passed on her knowledge for the perfect mix to make your own food colors.

Here are some of Jane’s recipes for the perfect food colors: 

Red / Purple.  Gently simmer raspberries, blueberries or mulberries in water for 30 minutes. Once cooled you will need to sieve it twice. First time you can just use the metal and squish the fruit to get the most liquid out. Second time around lay two sheets of cooking muslin (or a tea towel) over the sieve. Pour the liquid in but don’t’ squeeze – just let it drip at it’s own pace. Cover with a third sheet as this will take 12-24 hours. Once all of the liquid is through return to a clean saucepan and simmer to reduce to a thick liquid. Store in fridge or freezer. Your color will vary depending on the type and ripeness of the berry.

Pink – Beetroot Juice much easier but watch out for the taste. Drain a tin of beetroot. Simmer liquid slowly to reduce volume and increase colour strength (note from Rebecca, I have personally and successfully used freshly squeezed beetroot juice for pink coloring - you only need a tiny few drops and you don’t get a beetroot taste like one would usually suspect).

Yellow – Turmeric with a little hot water, use sparingly as the taste of the turmeric will persist. For a more expensive solution you could use real saffron.

Brown – Cocoa powder, carob powder and Parisian essence make a soft brown but will all add the relevant flavour. You could also caramelise some sugar and then add to the icing mix.

So if you are wanting to make organic natural food color alternatives just try any of these super easy ideas for that perfect frosting to top off your next batch of vegan cupcakes.

P.S. If you are wishing to make green colors, simply put one of the following… ‘celery, brocolli or spinach’ (any green vegetable will work wonders actually) through a juicer and you have three wonderfully vibrant green color variations to choose from too.  


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