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The primary purpose of Veg-Secrets is to share the messages of Cruelty-Free Veggie Living with as many people as we can in the shortest amount of time. This work is made possible by your contributions, memberships or the purchase of our educational materials, all of which serve to help give animals back to themselves.

We do many things to send the messages of VS out into the world in important ways. Your generous donations allow us to continue moving ahead and allowing the animals to become free of cruelty on all levels.

Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering the Vegetarian and Vegan Secrets information, support, knowledge and education on this web site. You may donate online or by mail (through the address at the bottom of the page). Your thoughtful support is heartfelt and greatly appreciated for it helps us maintain our website/s as well as helping us to help more animals and educate persons about ethical cruelty-free living. Help make a difference in the world today.

Thank you for your support.


You can make a difference today. Choose the appropriate option for you below:

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To make a single donation of your choice via credit or debit card, please use the button below: You do not need a PayPal account. 



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To arrange for your credit card to be charged as a recurring $10.00 donation every 2 months, please use the button below (you may cancel at any time). You will not be subscribing to anything (even though the term "subscription" is used) but only enabling PayPal to automatically withdraw a donation from your account every 2 months:


To arrange for your credit card to be charged a recurring $10.00 every month, please use the button below:



3. Mail Your Donation

Rebecca Bennett
Vegetarian Secrets
P.O. Box 152
Ballina NSW, 2480 Australia


To contact Rebecca click here


Thank you! May you be blessed with generosity and compassion in return.





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